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the adventures of a bee

ready for take-off

cloudy weather
sometimes i just don't know where i'm going anymore, and i hope to organise my thoughts here and make friends too!?

**we believe in the power of love SUPER LOVERS**

I must say: If you want to know something about me... anything, please ask. Chances are I'll tell you. I won't get offended by your question, and don't think this if for some reason I won't tell you the answer. But really, it doesn't hurt, ask away!

I am compulsive, therefore obsessive, and a 'pathological thinker'. I'm a procrastinator... when I should be working I am usually cooking, reading, daydreaming, thinking, on the internet, or 'spying'.

Also, I have been trying to remember ma Français, and occasionally post en Français, but my french is poor as I am out of practice. Je suis désolé.

I am a member of bookcrossing.com!
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bookcrossing.com - Or look at my bookshelf.

Last but not least: If you are on my friends list... here is my contact info